3 Hours in the Dentist Chair!

I swear, I have good oral hygiene! But suddenly the old teeth are falling apart! Yesterday was not good! Grinding, drilling, sawing, pushing and pulling, squeezing, impressions, shots, suction, air blasts, the water gun thingie, horrid bitter tastes… O dear god in heaven! Now, I’ve always hated dentists until my more recent adult life. My new dentist in San Francisco… Continue reading

Every Library Should Do This

Yesterday I blogged about my engaging in two tortuous activities reminiscent of times long since past. This post, in keeping with the practices of old, shares an awesome idea about the now defunct card catalogues no longer used by libraries. The old card catalog drawers at Doheny Library at the University of Southern California could not be removed without destroying… Continue reading

Am I the Only One Alarmed?

William Binney is a 32-year veteran of the super secret National Security Agency. One of the best code breakers in NSA history, Binney turned whistle-blower when the NSA began using his work to spy on Americans—and that means you and me both. If what he says is true, this should cause us all to stop dead in our tracks and… Continue reading

Urban Air: Not A Bad Idea

Having lived in Los Angeles, I would prefer to see these WiFi enabled elevated gardens than the urban graffiti that is billboards! Urban Air from Zack Bennett on Vimeo. Related articles Bamboo Billboard Gardens – Urban Air by Stephen Glassman Aims to Beautify and Clean Cities (TrendHunter.com) (trendhunter.com) L.A. Billboards Could Be Transformed Into Floating Bamboo Gardens (laist.com)… Continue reading

Cutting the Grass

I suspect just about every boy in America grows up having this assigned chore: cutting the grass, well unless you’re Mitt Romney. It’s what boys are expected to do in middle America, a rite of passage, a familial obligation and duty. But what if you lived in this house? Perhaps then it’s a punishment: “I told you, one more low… Continue reading

A Reminder from the Universe?

2012 has been a very tough year on the family front with numerous challenges, few of which have I shared on my blog. Two such challenges continue to unfold even now. And today, in downtown Sausalito, I was reminded that even those things which may appear completely rough-hewn, lopsided, and disconnected in life are part of a larger balance to… Continue reading

Wake Up, and Smell The Coffee

Gay people and abortion, that’s virtually all the religious right talks about. They have raised a now-dwindling fortune on these two issues. According to Fred Clark*, the religious right has always proclaimed they had the moral high ground on these issues. If they said, “The president is the most pro-choice president in history.” citizens were supposed to inflame with moral… Continue reading

Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

Winter! Yesterday I was on my way to Safeway when I noticed the change: the hills are definitely beginning to turn green. The bay area is probably not unique in this regard, but I’ve never lived in an area that greened during the rainy winter season with fewer hours of daylight but turned dry and brown during the longer days… Continue reading

Confessions from a Diabetic Under Stress

I admit it! I stress eat! The more stress and anxiety I feel, the more I eat. And, I’m talking about the bad stuff—sweets: cookies, cookies and milk! Lots of them! Non-stop! Last night, watching the election returns, I needed an insulin IV! Every time a state was called for Romney, I had to eat at least 3 Oreos! If… Continue reading