TSA Scanners

Why I Hate Security

TSA ScannersWe all accept risk every day. We try to make informed decisions about the level of risk to which we are exposed.

We drive our cars. We know tens of thousands of people die in the US every year in car accidents. Yet, we drive our cars. We drive them at ridiculous speeds. We choose to go well above the speed limit. We choose to recklessly dart in and out of packed lanes of cars traveling at high speeds. We choose to text while driving.

Some people accept that level of risk.

In an airport, we allow the government to invade our privacy, make us take off our shoes and belts and jackets. We let them take pictures of us naked. We let them expose us to unknown levels of cancer-causing radiation*.

Oh, but this risk is designed to keep us safe?

Horse Pooh!

This is to keep the airline corporations’ enormous investments in hardware safe. If that keeps you safe, oh, well… that’s nice too, isn’t it.

And now ordinary school children in San Antonio, Texas, are being suspended from school when refusing to wear a school issued RFID device that tracks where each student is in the building at all times? People the nation over should be raising hell over this!

The government is successfully conditioning you to have zero expectation of privacy: naked body scans, take off your clothes, monitor your location at every second, drone surveillance, video surveillance, camera surveillance.

Who knew George Orwell’s 1984 could be so nicely packaged. I always thought it would appear more sinister.

Welcome to “freedom” in the 21st century.


Again I say it: I don’t like the nation our policy makers are creating.


*When fully deployed, the Rapiscan technology will most likely give 100 people cancer each year. That’s not so bad. Is it? More people die in traffic accidents, right? Maybe if 100 random people just dropped dead right there during the airport scanning process we would be a bit more concerned?