McDonalds' Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

Everyone remembers all of the brouhaha over Dan Cathy’s (Chick-fil-a‘s president) insensitivity to the gay community. (I posted about it here and here.)

The restaurant chain has very few stores here (90) in California compared to Georgia (200+). And, keep in mind that more people live in LA county alone than live in the whole state of Georgia.

McDonald’s sells a “Southern Style Chicken Sandwich” here in California. It seems to be a replica of the Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich and tastes the very same to my “unrefined palette.” It even has the single little pickle slice on the breaded chicken filet.

So far, everything I’ve written is probably common knowledge. Here’s what I just noticed last week: read the box…

McDonalds' Southern Style Chicken Sandwich
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“We love you just the way you are.” Now, is that new? Is that a slap in the face to Dan Cathy and company? Maybe it has been there all along, even before Cathy made his remarks, and I just hadn’t noticed it? I’m not really sure. So, I turned to the internet.

The first article my search pulled up claims to have reached out to McDonald’s about this issue, and the company claims the packaging has existed for several years—before the controversy erupted.

But I got a chuckle out of it when it caught my attention. Unlike what Cathy chose to do, taking the moral high ground always pays dividends in the long term.