Navigon Exit Ramp

iPhone Navigation App: Navigon

I have raved about my iPhone turn-by-turn navigation app before, but it’s time to become effusive! This app rocks! (Apple needs to just give it up already. Apple’s problem-plagued Maps app will never match Navigon! Woop-tee-do! I can use my finger to fly over San Francisco. Wow, and who cares! )

Now, I do have several in-app purchases that make Navigon more cutting edge:

  • Zagat Ratings & Reviews
  • Traffic Live
  • Panorama View 3D
  • Cockpit
  • Urban Guidance
  • Radar Info US

So, Navigon, why do I love thee so?

Auto Zoom Level

This feature can be dis/enabled in settings. Apparently, based on your speed and location, the maps auto zoom in and out to show/hide detail. When you slow down, the maps automatically start showing more detail and zooming in. I love this! I feel a need to know what is in the distance as well as more specific information, and Navigon seems to get this right every time. Additionally, unlike my car nav systems, I can pinch and expand the maps with my fingers on the map.

Exit Ramps

Exit ramps can be a twisted and confusing affair. As you can see from the picture below, this is an actual exit ramp graphic from a route I took today. Navigon tells you concisely and quickly with excellent graphic representations, exactly how many lanes are going to do what. They show the exit ramp signage as well. Very helpful!

Navigon Exit Ramp


Parking the Car

This is one of my favorite features! When you stop and park your car, yet you’re not actually at your destination, Navigon suggests saving your car’s location in your destination favorites (so it can walk you back to the car when you’re ready to leave your destination) and offers to provide you with walking and urban (subway, etc.) guidance to your destination. Here in the bay area, where parking is a nightmare, this is just insanely awesome!

Imagine my shock and awe (Yeah, George W., that’s how sane people like to use those words!) when I parked my car yesterday at the parking garage .5 miles from the dentist office, and Navigon not only dropped a location reminder for the car and offered to walk me to my destination, but also showed me a Google Street view as a 360º picture panorama of what my exact destination looks like. I was blown away!

Navigon Destination Google Maps Image

Navigon Streetview Walking
Navigon Parking

Realtime Destination and Traffic Information

Navigon provides you with the weather at your destination, the closest parking around your destination, the closest gas stations around your destination, and local restaurants near your destination. Additionally, as you begin your navigation, it shows you the current state of the roads: the number of traffic incidents en route: slow traffic, road work, and accidents. As is typical, the design provides easy, “at-a-glance” graphic information.

Navigon Realtime Traffic

Universal App

You can use Navigon on both your iPhone and your iPad. The graphics on the iPad are superb, beating the in-dash navigation system of both cars!

I could go on and on about how I love this app. With bluetooth connecting the iPhone’s audio to the stereo system, the only connection needed is power. (GPS runs the iPhone battery down very quickly. Why didn’t Apple keep the iPhone 5 the same size as the iPhone 4/S and use the extra space for battery?!) It’s extremely functional and a pleasure to use. If you need a nav system and have an iPhone, I highly recommend Navigon!

Tim likes! Time really likes!!