Barack Obama 2012

Wake Up, and Smell The Coffee

Barack Obama 2012Gay people and abortion, that’s virtually all the religious right talks about. They have raised a now-dwindling fortune on these two issues.

According to Fred Clark*, the religious right has always proclaimed they had the moral high ground on these issues. If they said, “The president is the most pro-choice president in history.” citizens were supposed to inflame with moral outrage and disgust and rush their vote over to the moral high ground.

But the majority of Americans have pondered the morality of the morality police and their signature issues and arrived at very different conclusions.

No, there is no such thing as “legitimate rape.” Rape is wrong. The position of the religious extremists is wrong, is immoral, is actually evil. Their attempts to switch the roles of victim and perpetrator were soundly met with America’s moral outrage.

The president stood with head high and declared his position to be the moral high ground: Women have the moral right to choose. People have the right to marry the person they love. These are civil rights, moral positions for good. Despite billions of dollars spent to convince them otherwise, despite every effort to disenfranchise and restrict their voting rights, the American people spoke and agree with the president.

Voters in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington all rejected [Franklin] Graham’s opposition to marriage equality, not because it was too lofty a moral claim, or too sectarian in its “biblical” concerns, but because it was immoral, oppressive, unfair, unjust, unethical, unkind and unrighteous. …

[The religious right] attacked Obama for his association with women like Sandra Fluke, as though they were somehow self-evidently immoral. Obama embraced them, figuratively and literally, insisting that doing so was the right thing to do. The religious right spent years accusing Obama of secretly favoring same-sex marriage and he responded by openly and forcefully supporting same-sex marriage, declaring that it was the right thing to do.

The religious right didn’t just lose an election or a ballot initiative, it lost an argument. It lost the argument because it wasn’t used to having to make an argument — wasn’t accustomed to encountering a forceful argument coming back at it from the other side.

The other side won the argument, and in so doing, it seized the moral high ground.”

Source: Why the White Evangelical Religious Right Can No Longer Presume to Claim Moral Superiority

Old, angry, mostly rich, white men have lost their moral compass. (Some of them never had one to begin with.) They blame their failure on everything but their immoral belief system. Their ugly racism is showing with astounding comments like:

‘Race and ethnicity overrode values,’ said Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel (still unable to see how his bigoted assumptions about the immorality of those people taint the reception of every other moral claim he makes).”

Source: Why the White Evangelical Religious Right Can No Longer Presume to Claim Moral Superiority

On her show on November 7, 2012, Rachel Maddow did an excellent, excellent job of carefully listing the broader issues Americans believe to be the moral high ground, the issues that represent the American values of the majority. The issues she lists are all at odds with religious extremism and the rejected positions of the Republican party. She provides a superb summary of what has happened.

I highly recommend this clip from her show! She’s brilliant!

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