Oreos, Milk, and Insulin

Confessions from a Diabetic Under Stress

Oreos, Milk, and Insulin
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I admit it!

I stress eat!

The more stress and anxiety I feel, the more I eat. And, I’m talking about the bad stuff—sweets: cookies, cookies and milk!

Lots of them! Non-stop!

Last night, watching the election returns, I needed an insulin IV!

Every time a state was called for Romney, I had to eat at least 3 Oreos!

If they hadn’t called the election by 9:13 here on the west coast, I would be in a diabetic coma!

But then Romney disputed the Ohio call for Obama.

More Oreos!

What if… More Oreos!

O dear god! More and more Oreos!!

Finally, a very gracious concession speech! (Thank goodness! The Oreos were almost all gone by this time!)

In all sincerity…

I know my friends and associates who seem to believe the nation would dissolve if Obama were re-elected are incredulous, angry, filled with despair, and deeply worried. I suspect that the fact we can so easily, in the 21st century, live in our own little internet and news bubbles makes this worse. (That’s exactly how I felt when George W. Bush was re-elected and then proceeded to flush the nation down the toilet for the next 4 years with the help of the Republican house and Senate.)

To all of those people I say this: I stand with you as a fellow American who cares deeply about our shared future. You and I both need to hold this slate of elected officials accountable for job creation, rebuilding our nation’s competitive edge, rebuilding our infrastructure and our manufacturing sectors, rebuilding the middle class, and returning this country to a nation of, for, and by “We the people…”.

Let’s work together to make our future one filled with broad and sustained opportunity, possibility, and goodness for everyone. The era of unbridled greed and forced religious ideology must come to an end.


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  1. I once dreamed that I had to break into your house and save you because you were passed out from eating too many tootsie rolls.

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