Can I Lease My Rooftop?

advercar.comSo, this is going to be really, really annoying!

Apparently a startup in San Francisco is selling your daily routes to work and back to companies willing to post advertisements on your car. The car owner gets paid about $100 per month to have the advertisements stuck to their car. “This car runs on advertising.” The daily route you take is monitored via GPS; so, the clients know they are getting their money’s worth!

So, should I be able to lease my rooftop for advertising revenue to help pay the mortgage? Just think of all of the people that will be seeing my roof from Google Earth, and those satellite images are really crisp and clear these days!

What about advertisements tattooed to the face to help pay for medical insurance? The Republicans should be all over this!

I’m just going to put it out there: I don’t want to be forced to see any more advertisements at all of any kind anywhere. In fact, I don’t want to see any of them ever!

When I’m seeking a product, I’ll look for it.

Stop with the noise in my life already!

People shouldn’t have to resort to advertising on their cars to be able to afford to drive them!

More and more we are creating a country I do not want to live in at all!