Why I Hate Security

We all accept risk every day. We try to make informed decisions about the level of risk to which we are exposed. We drive our cars. We know tens of thousands of people die in the US every year in car accidents. Yet, we drive our cars. We drive them at ridiculous speeds. We choose to go well above the… Continue reading

Freedom and The New Tyranny

I’ve witnessed the oddest thing in my lifetime—something I never could have imagined. As a child, I attended an ultra conservative christian school where I was taught about the separation of church and state. The church in these United States of America was to enjoy a freedom from the tyranny of government. The church was to stay out of politics… Continue reading

Heaven Is Just a 4 Mile Roundtrip

Sunday we walked to Tennessee Valley Beach. We’ve walked there several times in the past. I’ve even biked there once (thought I was going to die—so out of shape!). What made this last jaunt special was that we hiked up to a 100+ year old lookout along the ridge. According to my new Fitbit, it was the equivalent of walk… Continue reading

McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

Everyone remembers all of the brouhaha over Dan Cathy’s (Chick-fil-a‘s president) insensitivity to the gay community. (I posted about it here and here.) The restaurant chain has very few stores here (90) in California compared to Georgia (200+). And, keep in mind that more people live in LA county alone than live in the whole state of Georgia. McDonald’s sells… Continue reading

Lookin’ Foxy

I meant to mention that last Thursday: I was driving home from the neighborhood grocery store, through a densely populated part of Sausalito during the afternoon. As I turned a steep curve a fox was trotting down the middle of the road. Maybe he didn’t hear me or simply wasn’t frightened by the silent electric car? He kept trotting down… Continue reading

Piano Delivery Truck Blocks Road for Hours

I was very excited to finally be getting the piano on which I practiced as a child. It left Florida at the beginning of October and has been winging its way to Sausalito ever since. It was delivered today. Well, maybe, kinda, sorta. I stressed to the company that our street was exceedingly steep. I told them about how the… Continue reading

iPhone Navigation App: Navigon

I have raved about my iPhone turn-by-turn navigation app before, but it’s time to become effusive! This app rocks! (Apple needs to just give it up already. Apple’s problem-plagued Maps app will never match Navigon! Woop-tee-do! I can use my finger to fly over San Francisco. Wow, and who cares! ) Now, I do have several in-app purchases that make… Continue reading