Big Bird Election Cartoon

Big Bird, and Binders, and Bayonets, Oh My!

Big Bird Election Cartoon

Frankly, I hope this will be the last post I write (or read) about the election.

I have good friends who I know will vote for Mitt Romney. Some have chosen to do so because they and their families are deeply hurting from the financial wreckage of the George W. Bush years and believe Obama failed to fix that mess. And some will vote for Romney because their jobs (in the financial sector) have been made more complex by the banking regulations Obama put in place to prevent another catastrophic financial meltdown.

I personally will (already have) vote for Obama because I believe policy matters, and I believe the Republican economic policy will protect the most wealthy and continue its trajectory of gutting the middle class, serving the middle class as a final feast for top corporate elites in this country.

I personally believe that Republican social policy is dominated by religious extremists who want to subjugate women and gay people and force our citizenry to live by their religious beliefs making the separation of church and state nonexistent.

I personally believe that if we want to move the nation forward, we must move the Republican party and the so-called Tea party out of the way. They did everything they could to hurt people in the middle class by obstructing Obama’s efforts to create jobs and help people hurt by 8 years of Republican-sponsored corporate greed.

Frankly, I think Mitt Romney is a liar and a religious fanatic that only cares about his own personal wealth and power. (Even the Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama!) We have no idea what Romney would do as president. He has had every position one can imagine and all within this election cycle.

Should Mitt Romney get elected, my greatest fear is that he will continue to sell the middle class down the road for short term profits for himself and his cronies, and my friends and colleagues will be in even worse shape than they are now. This is in fact what Romney heartlessly did all throughout his corporate career. He stuck middle class workers’ pensions in his bank account while shipping their jobs to China.

Policy matters.