Binders Reviews Binder Reviews

Wow, first it was the Big Bird meme.

Now it’s “binders full of women.”

Mitt Romney, all by himself, has once again created a cultural subtext for the election. Why didn’t he just be honest: Paul Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The Republican party genuinely is a boys’ club punctuated by the hubris of Rush Limbaugh.

If you want some fun, read the Avery Binder reviews on They have become a political poster for women’s rights, equal pay, and fair treatment. (I suspect that will shut down the linked reviews above when they realize what’s going on. If they do, click on this link to see it as a pdf file.)

God, Mitt. Nobody likes you—not even the people that support you. And I can clearly see why.

You’re a jerk! Binders Reviews
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