Billy Graham and Mitt Romney

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Aggressive VP - Really?

VP Debate

Well, you know Joe Biden whipped Paul Ryan‘s ass in the debate when the extreme conservative pundits whine this loud. Paul is accustomed to arresting older men who speak out against him in his meetings, he’s skilled at batting his puppy dog eyes at the camera and having his way. Biden masterfully held him to the harsh truth.

So, naturally, the Faux News organization starts whining about the liberal moderator and how aggressive Biden was. Aggressive?

Billy Graham and Mitt RomneyBilly Graham

I’ve always admired and respected Reverend Billy Graham. And I think that what his son is doing with his 93 year old father’s legacy is disgracefully. He trotted out a full page ad supposedly “from his father” in the newspapers in North Carolina when that state voted against civil rights with marriage equality in that state.

And now Billy Graham’s website endorses Mitt Romney and removes all former references to Mormonism as a cult to be avoided. Neither of these are the work of Billy Graham, who was a gentleman of moderation and restraint.

…a search for the word “Mormon” on Billy Graham’s website identifies six pages, yet none of those pages have the word “Mormon” on them as of this writing, yet most of them still have the word “cult” on them.

Billy Graham is 93 years old and in frail health. He’s been in and out of hospitals as recently as August.

It is unlikely that Billy Graham actually wrote the statement his organization released in his name.”

Source: Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’

Graham’s son, an inflammatory opportunist (who was forced to retract his statements that Obama wasn’t a Christian) in my humble opinion, is also pictured at the meeting. I suspect his will continue to tarnish the good name and reputation of his father for his own political and financial gain.


On this issue of “entitlements” constantly being trotted out by the Republican noise machine, this has been making the rounds on the internet:

I paid cash for my Social Security insurance policy. Our benefits are not some kind of charity or handout!

Congressional benefits… premium federal healthcare, outrageous retirement packages (for life), 67 paid holidays, 3 weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days! — Now, that’s welfare!

And they have the nerve to call my retirement ‘welfare???'”


Writes Schmidt, “Considering that only about $1.35 per year of our tax dollars goes to fund PBS which allows PBS to avoid pandering to commercial interests — against the $40, $80 or $120 dollars per month that most cable subscribers pay in order to be allowed to watch commercials — I’d say us taxpayers are getting a hell of a bargain.”

Source: Can PBS Survive Without A Government Subsidy?

Republican Platform

And finally, regrettably, the Republican party continues to stand for:

  • Tax breaks for the extremely wealthy (with their off shore bank accounts avoiding taxes)
  • Trickle down economics
  • Outsourcing jobs for cheap labor
  • War mongering
  • No environmental protections
  • Subsidizing big oil companies
  • Continued dependence on oil and fossil fuel
  • Corporations over people
  • Unfettered capitalism
  • Disdain of science
  • Forcing people to live by the teachings of the protestant church through national law
  • A no-compromise approach to attaining their extremist agenda at the expense of jobs
  • Ruthlessly opposes dissenting opinion