crime scene tape

Jury Duty in Marin

crime sceneI’ve only lived here 10 months and was required to show up for jury duty on a horrible trial about attempted murder, theft, great bodily harm (to a 90 year old man–newspaper says the assailant shot him in the head point blank), and use of a semi-automatic weapon by a convicted felon.

I was not amused.

Going through security twice a day (upon arrival and then after returning from lunch) every day was also immensely annoying. Can we not all agree that something is really very wrong with a society that has a need to protect itself so much from potential violence and murderous rampages?!

The jury selection process here is tedious to say the least. I was at the courthouse for 3 full days, got seated in the jury box, and ended up being unexpectedly thanked and excused. Thank goodness!

The trial was expected to last 4 weeks. You can read the details of the opening statements here. This is horrific stuff!

I got my check in the mail for my 3 days of service: $18.74.

News flash: the check didn’t even cover lunch expenses.