How ‘Bout Them Headlands

Spoken in thick, often feigned southern accent, a common expression in Georgia was, “How ’bout them Dawgs?!” Not being a sports enthusiast, the expression always left me a bit cold. Yesterday, we spent the morning in the headlands, hiking Tennessee Valley. It too left me just a bit cold, but for reasons related to the ocean breeze.  … Continue reading

The Salitos Tea “Glass”

A couple of weeks ago, we ate at Salitos with a couple visiting from the Atlanta area. Salitos is a great seafood restaurant in Sausalito. My tea was served in an old fashioned milk bottle. I loved it. It was so cute. Then, last week, at the grocery store, I saw the same milk bottle, containing organic cream, from Straus… Continue reading

One Year Ago Today…

I walked into this house for the first time. The weather was terrible. It was pouring down rain. In fact, because of the torrential rain, we couldn’t see a thing outside and had no idea of the gorgeous view of the bay. While actually loving a different house better, one in the Berkeley Hills, we bought this one because of… Continue reading