half mast flag

OK, So I’m Just Being Evil…

half mast flagStory One

I indicated on Twitter yesterday that I’m in Pensacola, Florida, for a few days. I’m visiting my mother.

Today I noticed the flag at my hotel is at half mast. I asked the front desk why. He told me about the President’s national honoring of Neil Armstrong, a truly great American. I replied, as if dead serious:

Oh, and I just thought that the state of Florida was properly upset over having the Republican National Convention!”

Story Two

Another little observation during my visit in the hottest and most humid place on earth: You know you’re not in California anymore when, as you’re driving down the road, you turn on your blinker to signal to the car behind you your intent to turn and the car starts to slow down before you do. The car actually appears to go backward in space! In California, the cars appear to be about to crush the rear of your vehicle as they rush up to your back bumper just before you turn!

Story Three

And, being judgmental and unkind, I continue to be horrified by the extreme level of obesity in Pensacola! The high percentage of people that are extremely overweight (I’m talking over 150 pounds, easily) is dramatic. And… churches are on every street corner. Doesn’t seem they’re doing much to assist their parishioners in avoiding the sin of gluttony! (On second thought, the church in the south actually participates in making gluttony worse with all of their pot luck dinners!) But I forget, for them, their sin is really just a genetic disorder.

And finally…

We went to restaurant for dinner. I was paying for both my mother’s and my dinners.The girl at the cash register told me the bill was $14.36. I’m sure I looked shocked and confused when I asked, “How much?”

She repeated it: $14.36.

Then, I asked in disbelief “For how many meals?”

She told me it was for two meals and then apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, but we had to go up to a dollar each for the drinks.”

I then asked her, “How much is each meal?”

She said, “Oh, they’re still just five dollars each.”

That’s when I explained to her that in California, where I live, one cannot find even a single meal for that price! And the food? It was really rather good, Southern-style cooking.

And the manager couldn’t have been any nicer. Mother complained that there were no booths. So, the manager went into his office and got the padded seat cushion from his office chair and brought it to her. Very nice. Very friendly. Very inexpensive food!