And the Final Test Just for Fun

So, I’m very curious about your honest feedback. I need to know what to focus on next with this process. I’m not sure why panos made with this software take so long to load; so, if you’re faced with a black screen, be patient. It is loading (in the dark). This pano was shot down by Fort Baker. The kayaks… Continue reading

All for Nothing?!

Well, not really for nothing… I went to downtown Sausalito this morning to shoot panos of my gorgeous town in the morning sunshine. I didn’t get down there in time for sunrise, but I did actually get a good pano of the main area I intended to shoot. But then, I shot two additional panos that were vastly more awesome!… Continue reading

Vote for Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan!

Under Pres. Obama, our country has been far too slow and recovering from all the devastating republican policies that left our economy in a shambles. Therefore, you need to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for president and vice president so they can reinstate the same policies that turn the growing budget surplus into $1 trillion deficit, brought us to… Continue reading