Aggravated Apple Fan Boy

TiggerApple is stooping to the very corporate shenanigans it eschewed at its inception because of the influence, not of Steve Jobs, but of Steve Wozniak‘s largess.

Its latest and greatest OS (named after who ever can remember which large cat) has “over 200 amazing new features.”

Oh give me strength!

Many of these are so minor, so insignificantly incremental they should have be included as fixes to OS 10.7!

As far as I am concerned, the “unbelievable low price of only $20” means that within 3 upgrade cycles (that’s $60 at the current trajectory), you actually get a new OS worthy of being called a really new OS!

But that’s not what is aggravating the devil out of me.

I detest Apple forcing users to use iCloud when saving documents. Listen up Apple: I create a lot of documents I don’t save, but your OS saves them automatically and in the cloud at that. I don’t want them saved. I especially don’t want them saved in the cloud. Your strategy is actually forcing me to stop using your Apple-specific office-type apps!

I’m quite confident that in 10.9 (Albino Tiger? maybe Tigger? since Jobs’ estate owns a lot of Disney) I’ll be able to actually delete documents out of the cloud without having to move the unwanted document to my local machine. Couldn’t I just choose a default save-to location anywhere on earth like I’ve done in EVERY OTHER iteration of the OS?! This is non-sense!

Despite the arrogance of the late Steve Jobs, your cusomters DO know what they want. Most specifically, they know what they DO NOT want. We do not want to be forced into the cloud! And then charged extra money and extra aggravation for that “amazing new feature!”

Cut the crap, already!