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Weeping Hysterically

Crying Icon EmoticonI’m not a huge fan of TV, but I have watched the past 3 seasons of The Closer. I’ve even blogged about the show. I’ve been a huge fan of the show.

Well, tonight is the final episode of a great TV series. I will miss it. Terribly.

While Kyra Sedgwick has done a brilliant job as the main character, she has never been the series as is sometimes the case with lesser TV series. She was one important part of many brilliantly executed parts. For me, as I said in my fake text message to the writers for the show, the writing has been the highlight for me.

SMS to the Writers of The Closer

So, while I say goodbye to The Closer tonight, I will be eagerly watching Major Crimes, which will begin with basically the same cast and writing staff just after The Closer’s final episode. I am hopeful that the writers will continue their fine tradition of exploring the American justice system.

Fingers crossed.