HBO The Newsroom

“We’re #1! We’re #1!”

HBO The NewsroomIf you haven’t watched The Newsroom, a new HBO series from the writer of The West Wing, I recommend it. A friend of mine (Thanks, Mark!) highly recommended it—especially the first 10 minutes of the first episode. I just watched it. Brilliantly done. Here’s a trailer.


Even Todd Leopold at CNN wrote a piece about the assertion we’ve all been conditioned to believe in this country: “The US is #1!” Sadly, the fact remains, my country isn’t the best in the world any more. I’ve been saying that for years now, almost as long as I’ve been writing here at my blog.

Instead of having informed national debate about very serious and extremely important issues in our country, people run around in stupid costumes holding misspelled political signs that just scream “I’m an uniformed pawn of the super wealthy, and I’m eager to allow them to get me to vote against my own best interest.” We even tolerate watching the most American of all values, the right to vote, be taken away from American citizens in state after state with the voter disenfranchisement efforts taking place right now before our very eyes.

I don’t mean to sound like a one-stringed banjo, but if the United States doesn’t get money out of politics (campaign finance reform), if we don’t get religion out of politics, if we don’t return to having elected officials that are accountable to the people, we will continue to rapidly become the largest 3rd world nation on the planet. At the present time, Mitt Romney, the extremely wealthy (like the Koch brothers who are buying elections left and right and basically own the Tea Party—owning your own “party” just costs a lot of money), the Republican party (the party of “No!” who for the past 10 years now has been hell-bent on only serving the interests of the nation’s most wealthy citizens to the demise of the middle class), and corporate news media (that are solely driven by profits and the agenda of the extremely wealthy—not journalism) are the greatest present threat to this nation, not terrorists.

Step One: Get the Republicans and the Tea Party out of office, all of them. (The Democrats have their fair share of corporate-owned elected officials as well, just currently fewer of them. It’s reached the advanced stages of cancer -terminal- in the other 2 parties right now. I choke on calling the Tea Party a real political party.)

Step Two: Demand substantive campaign finance law reform, including a constitutional amendment destroying the SCOTUS Citizen’s United decision that has flood politics with unfettered access to corporate money.

Step Three: Enact legislation and draft policy that will grow the middle class by investing in home-grown jobs and a solid infrastructure for the commerce of the future.

That’s a pretty aggressive agenda for now.