Tim at the Golden Gate Bridge shooting a pano

Sistoid Unit Visit Results in Panos!

Tim at the Golden Gate Bridge shooting a panoYes, the Sistoid Unit came out to California for a 2 week visit. We had a blast. She almost killed me walking all over the place. In fact, we walked almost 140,000 steps, over 66 miles! (Dear god, no wonder I ache all over!)

A couple of times I took my camera along to shoot several panos. They turned out great and will be appearing here in the sort-of near future.

She shot a ton of pictures, including this picture of me doing my thing. She actually shot this picture while I was shooting this pano at Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge. These panos are rather interesting to me because, despite how the weather looks, it was freezing cold with the blasting wind, and they provide a unique view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

At any rate, shooting the panos was great fun, and having her visit the bay area was even more fun!

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