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Dear @CNN,

CNN LogoNot that you care, but…

Today, June 18, 2012, is the day that I officially stop reading your online news and watching your televised news portals. I’ve deleted your apps from my iPhone and iPad.

I have grown exceedingly weary with your personality-based, info-tainment, for-profit approach to reporting. You see, I can’t even bring myself to call what you do “journalism.” What you are peddling just isn’t—at all! Your work has just become balderdash.

I didn’t want opinion. I didn’t want endless commercials peddling inane products or public relations spin every 5 minutes (that’s what it seems like) or on every single online video segment I chose to watch. I quickly got sick to death of your new emphasis (your latest effort to drag in more online eyeballs?) on religion: yesterday it was how Jesus changed my dad and my family. On father’s day? Gag me!

No more pretty plastic people flashing their pearly whites behind a well-lit desk or standing tall in the “situation room.” I wanted you to fund journalists pounding the pavement for the real story behind the story and doing the exceedingly hard work of sourcing their facts.

I simply want news and hard-hitting journalism—not “keeping them honest.” You know… the very thing Ted Turner built, that you bought, and have now destroyed.

I know profit margins are the bottom line of your parent company. I wish it were journalism.

And, I know you really don’t care that I have stopped reading and watching you, but I thought I should at least let you know why.

Frankly, I hope hundreds of thousands of other Americans turn off your fatuous programing too. Maybe then you will seek to find a better business model for promoting thinking and keeping the nation informed on what’s actually going on in the country and abroad, you know, be a cable news network.

Well, good luck, and goodbye,

P.S. Sorry, Anderson.

One thought on “Dear @CNN,”

  1. I miss the old CNN too! It started changing right after Ted sold his beloved channel. What a shame. It used to be the ONE place you could get honest unbiased news.

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