Skulduggery Word Poster from Wordflex


Are you a word nerd? How can one not love this iPad app?! It brings the dictionary and English language back to life. As one of my colleagues put it, “Awesome!”

The app uses a physics-based, touch-driven mind-mapping engine to spring to life over 350,000 words and phrases from the Oxford Dictionary of English (probably the authoritative diction of the language) as well as The New Oxford American Dictionary and The Oxford Thesaurus of English. The app provides users with audio of pronunciations in US and Great Britton’s English. Double touching words allows the user to expand new word trees for that word, save as favorites/bookmark, copy to the clipboard. Users can share Word posters via Facebook, Twitter, photos, email, and printed.

Online dictionaries force users to scroll for what they want. Wordflex offers a more compelling, intuitive approach, combining structure and play to maximize learning. By manipulating word-trees physically, unlocking content at will and rearranging the onscreen ‘workspace,’ users experience language as an interactive adventure – and find what they’re looking for more quickly.”

Tim likes!

Skulduggery Word Poster from Wordflex
Skulduggery Word Poster from Wordflex: Click to enlarge.


You can also check out this video of Wordflex: