Peter and Fetal Alcohol Syndrom

New Tweetbot Feature Produces Peter!

Peter and Fetal Alcohol Syndrom
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Tweetbot just released an update that allows you to see the tweets from people near your current location. I thought that might be interesting and tried it out. In the timeline appeared this picture of a local man, Peter, and his dog making their appearance known with a musical number down by the Sausalito ferry. Since I had posted about Peter and his dog before, I thought I would share the photo; so, you can see the colorful couple.

From my previous post:

Vibrant and Colorful Artists’ Community
In general, the local people are amazingly friendly here in Sausalito. I’m not accustomed to this.

Peter is a local guy who, on the weekends, can often be found, with his dachshund, sitting where the ferry docks and people come and go into downtown Sausalito. He chats freely with folks and occasionally plays his guitar and sings, sometimes with his dog singing along. I ran into him at the local supermarket checkout line this week. His dog was quietly watching life go by while sitting inside Peter’s satchel in the grocery cart. Apparently they travel everywhere together and are rather well known by the locals as everyone said goodbye to them, by name, as they left the grocery store. While in line, I commented on how subdued the dog was. Peter, with his colorful, friendly personality and totally funky leather hat said, as he rubbed the dogs head, “Yes. Yes. Poor thing. Quite sad, really. A victim of fetal alcohol syndrome, I’m afraid.” I have no idea if he was serious or not. The local market is an amazing snapshot of life in Sausalito.