Tim in the Headlands (at the Slacker Hill trail head)

Hiking the Headlands

I’ve raved non-stop about how gorgeous the headlands are–65,000 acres of unspoiled, ocean-side wilderness. I can’t overstate how much I love romping around there. The smells of the plant life are like nothing I ever experienced on the east coast. Love it!

At any rate, yesterday, we hiked .4 miles up Slacker Hill, a rather serious incline, to check out the location for shooting the 75th anniversary fireworks for the Golden Gate Bridge this Sunday. The views of the bay and the bridge were, as they always are it seems, stunning. We can make frequent stops on the way up, with all of the heavy camera equipment, but coming down in the dark is a bigger challenge with all of the loose rocks and sand on the steep, sometimes craggy trail.

Steve shot this Instagram of me at the trail head. The trail head turns right and goes up, up, up! At 5:30 the weather was already very cool. In fact, I was afraid I needed a jacket on top of my vest, but, once we started the ascension into the heavens, I warmed up enough to make the walk tolerable.

Tim in the Headlands (at the Slacker Hill trail head)
Tim in the Headlands (at the Slacker Hill trail head); Click to see map location