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When Black Is the New White and White Is the New Black

Save MoneySome time back I came to an awakening, an epiphany: White is the new black and visa versa!

When a politician speaks, I have to run those words through a translator that turns them to the exact opposite to get the truth.

The rich are the job creators?

Not according to Nick Hanauer, a self described “super-rich” entrepreneur TED presenter in this rather compelling presentation that was too hot for TED to originally place on its web site. The rich actually try to do away with the expense of jobs to create more profit. So who are the real job creators?

This short (about  5minutes) presentation is very worth your time!

BTW: I am very disappointed in TED for not sharing ideas! Ideas are the seeds that grow progress!

Final thought: If the middle class is the actually source of job creation, the middle class also then has the power to punish those companies who do not bring jobs back to the United States. I would suggest the middle class start flexing its spending muscle and hit businesses where it hurts! (And yes, @Apple, this includes you!)