2BIG2F- already has

2BIG2F- Too Big to Fail Bumper StickerLately, I’ve had this idea on my mind, for some reason: if something is too big too fail, I think it already has failed. And this applies to so much more than just the banking industry. In fact, at the moment, I can’t think of anything to which it doesn’t apply.

Yes, we need efficiency; we need incentive; we need hard work; blah, blah, blah… But you know what we need most? To take care of people and to take care of our planet. Those need to be our top priorities.

I know a lot of people will immediately write off “all those lazy bums who sponge off of my hard-earned tax dollars.” Suspend that thought for just a moment. What about the huge corporations, the 2BIG2F-, that continuously sponge off of our tax dollars, rape our land, send our jobs overseas to the sweatshops, commoditize everything, pollute the planet, reduce our standard of living while engorging theirs, and then demand that we be grateful for it.

We no longer seem to be very interested in fixing problems. We focus more on maximizing profit because of problems: don’t address the causes of our record prison population, make record profits off of the new privatized prison industry filled with low paying jobs; don’t create national policy that promotes job growth via Congress actually doing something, make as much money off of the corporate lobbyist as possible; don’t create jobs by adding teachers to school districts teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, increase the opportunity for the privatization of public schools for profit… on and on and on…

It’s not just corporations (which includes the giganormous, for-profit news industry). It’s also big “corporate” religion that has a political/social/financial agenda other than just helping people in the very broadest, most basic sense.

This has all become so very, very messed up.

I just read that the Fed has approved China’s first US bank takeover. But not to worry, the bank is only worth $2.5 trillion.

I doubt we will ever see campaign finance law rewritten in any real, meaningful way. The state and federal systems are so corrupt, so broken. I’m not sure this mess can be fixed without some horrific, perhaps inevitable crisis. The extremely wealthy are going to get what they want, and it has nothing to do with taking care of people and our planet.

The 2BIG2F-s are so powerful, the American people can no longer effect policy change through government with our votes, we have to find other ways to force change.

Many Americans can not afford to vote with their wallet. But for those that can, I encourage you to

  • significantly reduce your oil consumption to the extent you can: go all electric, hybrid, alternate fuel, commute (I just learned the US military gets 60% of its oil from BP–so much for taking care of the Gulf)
  • take your money out of big banks and put it in more local, financially stable credit unions
  • spend locally, not transglobally
  • take your investments out of irresponsible transglobals and put them into companies that behave responsibly to people and the planet
  • if you are a religious person, support a faith practice that cares for all people unconditionally, and not just fetuses

The American consumer must manipulate the 2BIG2F- corporations’ maniacal focus on bottom line profits to the advantage of all people, not the wealthiest elite in the world. We need to do this before the American market share is so insignificant to the transglobals that they will just choose to completely walk away.

They are raping humanity. They are raping the planet. They are bankrupting this government. They are gorging their bank accounts.

On its current path, this can not end well.