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Furnished Living Room Pano

Well, it’s taken a really long time*, but here is the living room pano. The room is not completely finished: you know, always a work in progress. But for now at least, it’s mostly done. We just need to find that perfect thing to hang over the fireplace.

We decided that since the house is a “mid-century classic,” and since we are “mid-century classics,” furnishing the house with “mid-century classic” furniture was only appropriate.

Living Room Pano Play Button

This pano presented some unique challenges with lighting. The bright areas of the house (through the windows, down the hall where the skylights flood the area with brightness, and the reflection from the coffee table) were shot 2 full stops underexposed to get any level of detail and then merged in with the interior of the house.

*I’ve found that everything takes vastly more time up here than anyone would reasonably think would be necessary. Drives me absolutely insane!