G-Form iPhone Case

iPhone Case Protection

G-Form iPhone CaseI’m really not a very clumsy person. I rarely drop things or knock them over.

I generally don’t worry about dropping my iPhone, which I carry around in my pocket without any case at all these days. When I get into the car, I plug my iPhone into Chloé’s USB port to charge.

But recently I saw this G-Form video (below) online and decided to order a case for my iPhone. I love this case. It’s not too big or bulky feeling, and it’s comfortably squishy. I love squeezing the little squares.

When I was recently at the Apple Store, the sales people saw my G-Force case and went crazy over it. A couple of days later, I saw one of the sale people again who told me she went online and purchased one herself.

Well, on Friday, when I was getting into the car at the dry cleaners, just after opening the car door to get in, I took my phone out of my pocket and somehow, inexplicably dropped it. It fell into the car, bounced off of the car seat, and landed, with another bounce, onto the pavement. I was horrified!

But, thanks to the G-Form case, it didn’t phase my phone at all. Without a case, at the very least, the glass would have been seriously scratched if not cracked or chipped. The G-Form absorbs 94% of all impact force. Very cool!

In the video below, the iPhone is recording a movie while it’s being slammed as a hockey puck on the ice. Talk about extreme impact protection!