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In Spam Hell!

Spam CanNo, it’s bigger than that! I’m in electronic spam hell!

I completely killed text messaging on my iPhone* because I began getting an untold number of marketing text messages. I can think of nothing I loathe more than unsolicited advertising, especially when I’m the one paying for it!

On a quest for a solution, I called @AT&T. Yes, I had forwarded the last dozen+ text messages to AT&T to block them. Yes, I had replied back to AT&T with the telephone number when they were sent. (Why the hell should I have to spend any of my time doing any of this?!!!!)

So, what was AT&T’s solution?! Yep, you’ve got the idea: they themselves then provide me with unsolicited marketing. They tried to sell me a service with which I could block up to 30 numbers from sending me text messages! What ass holes! They want to make money off of it. As a potential revenue stream, AT&T loves and probably promotes spam!

I all but had to discontinue my service with AT&T before they would do what I was asking them to do: kill SMS on my phone! This call took at least 10 – 15 minutes. She was a well trained corporate minion and was determined to get me to keep paying AT&T my $10 monthly fee to get advertising I don’t want plus add the additional $5 a month fee to spend more of my time managing advertisement I refuse to tolerate.

But it doesn’t end there. I had to temporarily kill five of my email addresses because they are being flooded with spam. The email address related to this site is still open. My main email address is still open, but since it’s getting a lot of junk mail, I may kill it for a while too.

I don’t know how these jerks get my information. I have 3 trash email addresses I use when I am “required” to provide an email address to setup an account, or purchase something, or read something. Those email addresses are the ones most affected, and are now turned off for a few months.

Then I got a marketing phone call on my cell number. I’m telling you, it wouldn’t take much to have me go completely off the grid right now!! I hate this @*#% that much!

Oh, and did I mention that the fire alarms have gone off 3 times since I’ve lived here. Each time in the wee hours of the morning!!! @#%$

People, this is the 21st century for god’s sake! When I want to purchase something, I will look for it online. Send me any electronic solicitation and I guarantee you I will never purchase from your company! I loathe advertising and marketing unless I’m looking for it. Keep you garbage to yourself!

*If you know how, you can still send me free text messages if you have an iPhone.

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  1. Understand ! I too am getting unwanted calls on my iPhone . Most of the calls are automated and I have no idea bow they got my number. I have a spam email account also and so far that is working without problems hope it stays contained!!

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