Electric Energy Emission Rate

Worth It’s Own Post!

Michelle commented on my post: Cost of Driving Chloé. She said:

Thanks for your research Tim, I’m considering my next car purchase this year…I hate to say this, but you’ve left out the carbon footprint of the electricity production… which is considerable in our coal-based system here in Tennessee. However – there will soon be little solar panel charge stations available for residential installation which would figure in to my equation – have you seen these?”

I sent Paul Scott an email about her excellent question concerning the carbon footprint of driving on electricity versus the carbon footprint of driving on oil.

Here is most of Paul’s answer:

For your friend, pass this link along to her: http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-and-you/how-clean.html.

You can enter your zip code and it will tell you how dirty/clean your local grid mix is. Also, keep in mind that many utilities offer a renewable energy program so that they can deliver to you clean, renewable energy with which to run your home. This should be done regardless of whether you buy an EV. … Once her house in on clean energy, then her EV will be, too.

Another great source for this question is http://images.pluginamerica.org/EmissionsSummary.pdf. On the Plug In America site (www.pluginamerica.org) on their FAQ page is this compendium of studies that looked at the well-to-wheels pollution generated by both EVs and internal combustion cars. In over 40 studies, the EV came out cleaner. PLUS, all the money stays domestic, and we’ve never fought a war over electricity.

Hope that helps.”

We’ve never fought a war over electricity. Wow! How many wars have we fought over oil?! How many people have died over oil?

I was delighted to see that our power here in Sausalito is vastly cleaner than the national average! I was surprised to see that gas powers 53% of the electricity generated in our area. The CO2 emissions are almost half the national average.

Electricity Generation Fuel Mix

Electric Energy Emission Rate