Elizabeth Wwarren

Following Up on Women in Politics

Elizabeth WwarrenLast week I posted Celebrating Women. (I then had to update it when the URL to the video was made private.) At the same time, I posted a link to the website, Win With Women 2012, on Facebook. That link contains the music video– as that organization commissioned the music. This is what I wrote in my brief Facebook post:

The GOP is out of control. If 51% of the US is women, why aren’t 51% of all of our elected officials?! I sincerely believe our nation wouldn’t be in the ridiculous mess the GOP has produced over the past 30 years if more women were in office!”

I’m bringing all of this up again because Michelle, my first “madly in love” crush in 7th and 8th grade, added a really interesting comment to that post. First, it’s important to know that Michelle spent much, if not most, of her childhood growing up in and traveling throughout Scandinavia, Sweden in particular. Her comment beautifully makes the point I was trying to make above:

Sweden- 40%, Norway– 38%, Finland-34%, Denmark-34%, Iceland– 25%….women holding political office. People with health insurance-100%, people in bankruptcy from medical expence-0%…”

I’m so glad she shared!

Regardless of any of our political differences or agreement, regardless of one’s partied interests, I think our politics would be less corrupt and less evil to the core if more women (right/left, Democrat/Republican) were in office.

BTW: I think Elizabeth Warren, featured on the Win With Women 2012 website, is one of the sharpest most articulate people I’ve heard in a very long time! She is quick and insightful, cutting to the heart of issues in an instant. I hope @ElizabethWarren quickly moves to the national stage! I’d vote for her in a heartbeat!