GOP’s Healthcare Plan

I saw this online and laughed–tragically. What the picture doesn’t include is that the airport security equipment is increasing your risk for cancer to increase the profits of the healthcare industry you already can’t afford. (I’ll never forget the tobacco industry executives declaration before Congress that no evidence exists to indicate that smoking is bad for your health.) Never in… Continue reading

What Can Be Said?!

This graphic has been circulating the web… While nothing more needs to be said, I will add this thought: If our government were more representative of our nation‘s actual population in race, gender, age, and income brackets, the policies of this nation would be vastly different than they currently are. The average American is excluded from office, by design of… Continue reading

Some Tech Tidbits…

iOS 5.1 Mulitasking Gestures I had no idea! If you use 4 or 5 fingers on the iPad while gesturing up, your get the multitasking bar of “running” apps. If you use 4 or 5 fingers and gesture to either side, you get previously used app window in the state you last left it. If you use pinch all 5… Continue reading

Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA [Slideshow]

Sunday, upon hearing the weather was great at Point Reyes, we set off for the hour drive up Highway 1. Below are some pictures of both the lighthouse and the point. Regrettably, I was unable to get a picture of the whales as they migrated north. And while I only saw 1 whale and heard another, 61 total sightings were… Continue reading

Worth It’s Own Post!

Michelle commented on my post: Cost of Driving Chloé. She said: Thanks for your research Tim, I’m considering my next car purchase this year…I hate to say this, but you’ve left out the carbon footprint of the electricity production… which is considerable in our coal-based system here in Tennessee. However – there will soon be little solar panel charge stations… Continue reading

Following Up on Women in Politics

Last week I posted Celebrating Women. (I then had to update it when the URL to the video was made private.) At the same time, I posted a link to the website, Win With Women 2012, on Facebook. That link contains the music video– as that organization commissioned the music. This is what I wrote in my brief Facebook post:… Continue reading

The Apple Kool-Aid

From time to time over the past 30 years, I have definitely drunk the Apple Kool-Aid–that reality distortion field inducing, cult-like elixir that is nothing short of being the nectar of the gods. Well, hat tip to my friend Mark for tipping me off to the fact that Apple has begun selling it. (From Scoopertino) Their entire short article is… Continue reading