Chloe Nissan Leaf Charging with the blink Charger

Chloé Gets a Blink Charger

Chloe Nissan Leaf Charging with the blink Charger
Where Chloé plugs in with the blink Charger

I’ve blogged several times about Chloé, our Nissan Leaf. Here is an update. First, things I love about driving the car:

  • We got a $7,500 federal income tax rebate and a $2,500 state income tax rebate for owning an all electric vehicle. Those tax deductions amount to a $10,000 deduction from the sales price of the car. My Prius, which was paid for, fetched a solid trade-in value, making the total cost of the new car just a few thousand dollars.
  • We were accepted into an eTech research program from the US Department of Energy that almost paid for the home charger and installation.
  • Other than tires, the car requires no routine maintenance because it contains no oil product fluids: no oil, no transmission fluid, no radiator fluid, etc.
  • The 100 mile range of the car has proven to be completely adequate for all of my around town driving both here in the hilly bay area as well as the LA area when I lived there.
  • I still marvel (love, love, love) at the wireless bluetooth audio streaming from my iPhone, but you can get that on many cars.
  • Charging hasn’t been problematic at all.
  • The car just absolutely loves stop-and-go in town driving, which significantly recharges the car battery system. I love watching the driving range increase in town and going downhill.
  • I love the fact that I’m not adding any car emissions or engine noise as I drive.
  • I absolutely love the fact that I’m no longer supporting the dirty (in so many ways) oil industry when I drive this car.
  • I love the fact that driving this car supports innovation and jobs in the US (both from electricity and car manufacture).
  • The iPhone app for the car is a bit limited, but it allows me to make sure the car is plugged in, charging check the level of charge, etc. without having to actually go to the car.

As I type this, the Blink home charger system is being installed. Here-to-for the charging was all done through a standard wall outlet in the garage. This charger should charge Chloé considerably faster than the traditional wall outlet. But I must also say that only on 2 occasions has the trickle charge continued charging the car past the night time and into the morning.

The new charger, pictured below, will also track how much money we are spending on charging Chloé. This will be fascinating data.

I’ll keep you posted!

The blink Charger