Bike Seat Top View (The Poshterior)

The Poshterior

Bike Seat Top View (The Poshterior)
Top view of the old seat and new seat

Yes, tragically, I took the worst genetic markers from each of my parents. To name but two: I got my mother’s Irish complexion (easily sun burned and prone to pimples) instead of my father’s dark olive skin tone. And my father had no rear end at all; all of his weight was in his stomach.

I fight to keep my weight down. I marginally watch what I eat and at least think about being more active. When I was younger I exercised religiously. Well, no more. Though every day is the day I will start again! …

I’ll never run again. (I got my mother’s bad joints.) I do enjoy walking and biking as long as the later is on a flat surface! (exertion? no way!)

Bike Seat Side View (The Poshterior)
Side view of the old seat and new seat

I want to start riding my bike around the Sausalito and Mill Valley shoreline, which has so many trails for riding. (I’ve never seen so many cyclist as ride around here!) But because I have nothing but(t) bones for a rear end, the traditional bike seat proves very uncomfortable. Is it even possible to make this seat any narrower???

Today I went to a bike shop and purchased a Posh-terior Viscoelastic Memory Foam (born in NASA’s labs) Saddle. Clever name. It has the design of the old-fashioned bike seats. It’s considerably wider than my old seat and has over twice as much padding.

Hopefully it will be comfy, but unfortunately the weather is a horror today; so, I can’t try it out yet.