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First Glimpse

Click the image below to see a pano of the living room area when the Sausalito house was completely empty. I shot this the day before the movers showed up. You can see down the short “hall” into the dining room area with the large aluminum fireplace. The long hall goes to the remainder of the “mid-century classic” house. Right now, I feel like a mid-century classic myself!

As you can see, I’ve not been exaggerating about the floor to ceiling windows. Conrad the Kat especially enjoys them when he sees the deer and other critters.

Play button for the pano URL

4 thoughts on “First Glimpse”

  1. Me too!!! LOL. As soon as the new everything is in place, I’ll shoot some more panos throughout the house. About to order some new furniture for the living room; so, it might take a while. 🙁

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