Moving Boxes

Update on the Move

Moving BoxesWell, last night we went to the new house to meet with the previous owner to run through all of the house systems and how to operate them. She is a vivacious and lovely person who also invited the neighbors over for a meet and greet–how incredibly thoughtful. This will be a very different living experience for me: a place where all of the neighbors are rather close and call on one another frequently. Living in a small community will be very refreshing.

Seeing the house for the first time at night was also delightful. It has a marvelous, warm energy about it that I wasn’t expecting. And the views of the bays at night are truly stunning! The lights just glisten and sparkle. Totally awesome! From the master bedroom you can also see Mount Tamalpais (during the day).

Additionally, since we move in on Monday, today I started finding vendors in Sausalito with whom I’ll do business on a routine basis. For example, I took our dry cleaning to the cleaners that is very popular with the locals. What a delight. The owner has her PhD in chemistry, and we just chatted away for some time. She gives her cell phone number to her customers; so, even when the cleaners is closed, since she just lives a few minutes away, you can just call her in an emergency to pick up something. Can I say, “Shocking!”

I’m beginning to get excited about moving in and am eager to get this task behind me!