Lexus RX 450h Rattle Diagram

Victory Yet Again — 3 for 3!

For the past month I’ve been driven insane by a mysterious rattle sound in the back of Monica, the Lexus RX 450h. I had no idea what started it, why it was rattling, exactly where the rattle was, or how to stop it. It only made the rattling noise when I hit a sharp bump in the road.

It’s been a maddening ordeal of doing everything I could think of to isolate the source of the noise.

Today I had a new thought: What if the noise were coming from the back door of the SUV and not the bottom, sides, seats, plastic pull thingy that hides what’s in the back, etc.

I carefully inspected the back door, found and corrected the problem!!!!

A small never-before-noticed flap attaches to the door to fill in the gap between the very back window and the plastic pull thingy that hides what’s in the back. Apparently, when moving a car load up to the north bay area, it became slightly unattached on one end by all of the things in the trunk area, which was stuffed!

I snapped it back into place, and the rattle is gone! It takes so little to make me happy!

Lexus RX 450h Rattle Diagram
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For those who are also afflicted by hating such audible annoyances, I remind you of this post at about the never ending beep.