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@mediatemple Tweeted and Called

mediatemple LogoIn my frustration, I mentioned in a blog post yesterday that I had a bad experience with @mediatemple, my web hosting provider.

Mediatemple took the initiative to send me a tweet asking me to follow them so they could send me a DM. I did. They did, asking for my phone number.

A supervisor, Miguel, called moments later. He personally apologized for the issue and offered to correct the situation. We had a brief conversation about what had happened and mediatemple’s commitment to provide excellent customer service. I certainly didn’t expect this!

I must say that indeed, I wish all companies were as customer focused as mediatemple is. They went out of their way to acknowledge my concern (which is more than most companies do) and then took the extra steps of addressing the concern specifically to make things right from their customer’s vantage point.

Now, that’s customer service, and one of the reasons I use their services. Any business relationship, like all relationships, has its bumps. But businesses rarely invest in smoothing out those rough spots. Mediatemple did!

Thanks @mediatemple. You scored a lot of loyalty points with me today!

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  1. I’m glad we were able to make it right, Tim. You have our deep appreciation for sharing the positive of your experience too. We’ll continue to aim for this level of satisfaction. Thanks again, and don’t hesitate to holler at us on Twitter if you ever have a question or need anything!

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