Money Bag

Oh, No! Theft by Taking…

Money BagIt started with iTunes. They wanted me to update my credit card information. It wouldn’t take my info?!

Then an auto payment notice indicated having problems with my credit card on file. What?

I called the credit card company, the one I’ve used for decades. I had assumed that since I had made some online holiday purchases, they thought they had noticed “unusual activity” and had stopped the card from working.

Well, indeed! They had noticed unusual activity: a $1,500 purchase in London. I’m not heading to London until January; so, it wasn’t me!

I’ve been violated! Someone stole my credit card number. I hope they catch him/her!

Fortunately my credit union (Yes, I’ve avoided the huge corporate banks for years!) declined that payment and locked the card. Now I have to wait for my new card. What a time of year to have this problem!