Mother at Malaga (August, 2011)

Update on Mother

Mother at Malaga (August, 2011)

Mother came through the surgery remarkably well and is expected to make a full recovery from the operation. She routinely received an excellent and professional level of care at the hospital. I have great respect and appreciation for the work of her nurses and doctors.

She was generally doing rather well while in the hospital; however, about 3 days after being released to rehab, she developed an infection and her legs began to severely swell. Her general condition, probably unrelated to the surgery itself, deteriorated significantly, perhaps a result of the infection.

My sister has been with her every day at the rehab center, widely regarded to be one of the nicest in town. Based on what she has been telling me every day, I am generally most unimpressed with the level of care my mother has received here. Unless a patient has a fierce advocate vigorously and consistently pushing for the patient’s basic care, things that can become rather serious “fall through the cracks.” I’ll perhaps post more about that once she has come home.

Hopefully her current setbacks are merely temporary, and in time she will return to the general health she had prior to going into the rehab center.