How to Succeed in Business without Really Tryin - Daniel Radcliffe

On Broadway…

How to Succeed in Business without Really Tryin - Daniel RadcliffeMeeting up with friends for a trip to broadway was planned months ago, before I had any idea how chaotic my life would be with moving. We all went to see two broadway musicals. Well, actually, some saw three and, additionally, participated in tapings of TV shows including the last show of Live with Regis and Kelly.

I thoroughly enjoyed both shows: How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, with Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette, and The Book of Mormon. I highly recommend both, but be aware that Book of Mormon, written by the guys that write South Park, has, predictably, some very strong themes and language. Perhaps because I had no real expectations for it, I actually enjoyed How to Succeed more than Book of Mormon (which was the original reason for the trip and cost 3 times more).

How to Succeed was brilliantly choreographed, and the dancing executed with fantastic precision. The sets were very creative. The singing was… fine. The theme was cute, and the characters pulled it off will flare. It was a delightful theater experience.