Manhattan Beach Front Entrance

Goodbye, Old Friend [UPDATED]

This post has been long in arriving!

Well, it’s sad in a way. We lived here for about 4 years, but now the house at 1901 North Poinsettia Avenue, in Manhattan Beach, is completely empty. I really enjoyed the house: the ocean breeze that blasted through it (ripping the curtains completely out of the wall when we first moved in), the gloriously temperate climate, the garden with its curved stone path, the enumerable ways the hundred plus year old pine tree caught the setting sun, the high and unique vaulted ceilings in all but one space in the house, the three outdoor upstairs balconies, the gorgeous and completely unique iron front doors, the bright south-facing corner lot, the 4 enormous double or sliding doors that remained open almost year-round, the heavy banisters upstairs, the frequent use of archways (even in the bathrooms). The list could go on…

However, I couldn’t stand the neighbors with the half dozen (at least it seemed so) screaming brats who fortunately moved out over a year ago. I didn’t like the fact that the house didn’t have the level of storage space to which I had grown accustomed in the southeast. I didn’t like the power lines right outside the windows (though the squirrels use of it for a super highway was amusing to Conrad the Kat).

It all happened so fast!  And now 1901, is empty. We’re off to New York City for the weekend, a trip that was planned months ago before any of this moving craziness was set in motion. After a couple of shows in New York, we’re on our way to corporate housing in the San Francisco bay area for a month before moving into our new “mid-century classic” home in Sausalito. I can’t begin to describe how intensely hectic this has all been. Add to this my mother’s extreme illness and my need to rush to Florida while she was in intensive care.

Well, since my main computer is now off in secured storage, I can’t “properly” post (with a photo that shows what the pano represents) all of the panos I shot of the house before the movers arrived. (I uploaded these panos weeks ago but didn’t have the time to upload the photo for each of the play buttons.  Sorry! Hopefully I’ll update this post with those photos before the end of the year.) UPDATE: Done! Each of the play buttons are pictured below for each pano.

Below you will find almost 20 links to different panos I shot around the house at 1901. They cover almost every area of the house except for the library downstairs.  The house really was a lovely place in which to live. I particularly liked its lofty “Tuscan” style. Enjoy what amounts to a virtual tour of our old home!


Downstairs 01
Poinsettia Downstairs 01 Pano Play Button

Downstairs 02
Poinsettia Downstairs 02 Pano Play Button

Downstairs 03
Poinsettia Downstairs 03 Pano Play Button

Downstairs 04
Poinsettia Downstairs 04 Pano Play Button

Front Door
Poinsettia Front Door Pano Play Button

Poinsettia Den Pano Play Button

Family Room
Poinsettia Family Room Pano Play Button

Poinsettia Kitchen Pano Play Button


Balcony 01
Poinsettia Balcony 01 Pano Play Button

Balcony 02
Poinsettia Balcony 02 Pano Play Button

Balcony 03
Poinsettia Balcony 03 Pano Play Button

Guest Room
Poinsettia Guest Bedroom Pano Play Button

Master Bathroom
Poinsettia Master Bathroom Pano Play Button

Master Bedroom
Poinsettia Master Bedroom Pano Play Button

Master Bedroom Closet
Poinsettia Master Bedroom Closet Pano Play Button

Creativity Room—Tim’s Office
Poinsettia Creativity Room (Tim's Office) Pano Play Button

Steve’s Office
Poinsettia Steve's Office Pano Play Button

Outdoor Balcony off Tim’s Office
Poinsettia Outdoor Balcony (Tim's Office) Pano Play Button

Poinsettia Stairwell Pano Play Button

Goodbye, old friend.