Trulia at the Spaceship on the Embarcadero

Trulia App – An Awesome App for Moving

Trulia at the Spaceship on the Embarcadero
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Those who read my blog know that a couple of weeks ago I was in San Farncisco only to learn during that visit that I was definitely moving there.

God, I hate moving! Finding a home in which you actually want to live is always a challenge, especially in an expensive and expansive city like San Francisco. And, yes… I admit it! I’m picky, terribly picky!

Well, on the Friday that I got sun burned taking pictures along the Embarcadero, I was about to shoot a picture of this spaceship. Just as I framed and focused a group of people came running up to the spaceship. (I shot the picture anyway, as you see.) They all had on t-shirts that said trulia. I had no idea what that was at the time*. Later they came jogging past me, and the name stuck in my head. “Hmm, maybe I’ll remember to look that up online.”

Yesterday, I was already getting frustrated trying to get to know the San Francisco housing market–so little for so much, even worse than here in Manhattan Beach! I was reading my RSS feeds. A company named Trulia is thinking about… Hmm, there’s that name again. They are involved in real estate?!

I popped over to the App store and downloaded Trulia for my iPad and iPhone.

This is an amazing app. Immediately I felt like the blinders were off. In an expensive and expansive city with a limited inventory of nice homes, I could slide my finger/pinch and zoom from neighborhood to neighborhood, see what was for sale, see pictures, tax records, sales history, average and median price and sales overlays, and on and on! Wow! This is an amazing app–much more informative than Zillow! And I’m sure they will continue to develop it.  (Just think of all of the data overlays they could include from the census alone! then school state test scores, crime stats, average climate data overlays… there’s no end!)

Between Trulia, Google Earth, and Google Street View, I’m able to easily house shop hundreds of miles away.

Goodness how times have changed since just 4 years ago when I moved out here! If you’re moving and don’t know Trulia for your mobile devices, I highly recommend it.  Tim likes!

* I’ve subsequently learned through a brief Twitter exchange that this was their Mind, Body and Spirit Day