Vintage Gas Station

Trips to the Gas Station

Vintage Gas StationToday was my first gas station visit in Chloé, the new Nissan Leaf.

No, I didn’t need to buy gas, oil, or transmission fluid.

Chloé doesn’t use any gas or any oil or any transmission fluid.

The brief visit was to get some goodies! <EG>

Unlike driving any car I’ve ever owned, driving Chloé is totally awesome. I setup my CarWings account today and now my iPhone can access Chloé to:

  • See if it’s plugged in or not
  • See how much of a charge she has
  • See how long it will take to fully charge her
  • Charge her
  • Start/adjust the climate control system while she’s plugged in to heat/cool the interior to maximize driving distance

Oh, you don’t have to worry about my dying of CO2 poisoning with the car running in the closed up garage. Remember, Chloé doesn’t have an engine, doesn’t emit any exhaust, doesn’t even have a tailpipe.

Because she is also completely silent when running, she has a speaker in the front and back that plays sound (a whirring sound when going forward below 14 mph, and a beeping sound when backing up) so people will hear the car coming.

Oh, and I will also get email notifications if someone unplugs her, when she’s fully charged, etc.