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Serendipity: Driving on Sunshine!

Sun IconToday I went to Eckhart Trailer Hitch and Welding Company, which has been in LA since 1944, to get a hitch for a bike rack for Monica.  Just as the guys were finishing up, in drove a Leaf!  I was beside myself.

Naturally, I walked up to the driver and asked him to tell me everything about his car.  He had only had it for 4 days.  He loves it. Rave! Rave! Rave!

We talked for quite awhile. He told me where he bought the car, and who his salesman was—the “EV evangelist.”

I was just a few miles away.  So, I went to see him. I immediately recognized him from the movie I had seen a few months earlier, Who Killed the Electric Car.  This guy is a major activist, and an activist about something about which I feel equally passionate:  get us off oil!

I test drove his Leaf.  I absolutely love this car! It handles amazingly well! The car feels a bit more upscale than the Prius model I have.

His home is powered by solar power. He plugs his car in at night.  He literally is driving on sunshine!

I will have a lot more to say about this in the near future.