Mother at Malaga (August, 2011)

Mother Visits California

Mother at Malaga (August, 2011)
Mother at Malaga Cove (August, 2011)

Well, it’s unbelievable, I know, but mother spent most of the month of August visiting here in California!  And, much to my shock, I think she really enjoyed her visit!  She took hundreds of pictures and even shot some videos (some by accident).

I flew to Pensacola at the beginning of the month to pick her up as she doesn’t enjoy flying, and that’s putting it mildly.  (I have to say that the people at @Delta absolutely treated her exceptionally well.  I couldn’t have been more pleased.)  And I just returned yesterday from taking her back home.

While she was here, we packed in a busy itinerary:

I really didn’t think she would like California with its desert landscape and extreme overcrowding.  But, she said she loved it, especially the foliage and the climate.  She was enamored with the flowers, the bougainvillea (California’s kudzu) being her favorite.  I always stress to visitors to bring some warm clothes, and while she did, she was cold much of the time in the open house.

The FC* also flew out for a weekend visit during my mother’s stay.  We all had a blast.  When we visited the Hollywood sign, we came upon a little boy on the trails named Aaron who had somehow gotten separated from his parents who were nowhere to be found.  He was getting frantic.  Cell phone reception up their is really bad, but fortunately we came upon a park services worker who radioed for assistance.

I really didn’t think mother would ever come out to California, the farthest she’s ever traveled, and I’m glad she did.  The time we spend together is always special to me.  Conrad the Kat even loved having someone else to shed his hair all over.  He seemed to especially enjoy sleeping in the bed with her.  Now that she’s gone, the house seems oddly quiet.

* Favorite Cousin