Mystery Solved!

I’ve started taking greater care of my eating habits again.  Therefore I had to re-configure the scale to work on the newly reconfigured/secured home network.   (Yes, my scales use the internet, my iPhone, and even Twitter and Facebook!) When I did, I noticed a significant number of weigh ins on my Withings scale from an “unidentified user.”  I was puzzled.  … Continue reading

Not Another Time Lapse, Please!

I know, I post a lot of them here, and over time, well, it’s just another time lapse. But I’ve tried over the past several months to only include ones that were doing something novel, innovative, advancing the art form. This time lapse certainly does that. It could have been a bit shorter by deleting some of the portions of… Continue reading

I Really Just Don’t Understand

When I was taking my mother home, we played a game of connect the dots on my iPhone to keep her mind off of her claustrophobia on the plane.  Maybe that’s what got me to start thinking… The Dots:  Dot 1 Earlier this week I was in my hometown, Pensacola.  My mother and I drove around town checking out what… Continue reading

Mother Visits California

Well, it’s unbelievable, I know, but mother spent most of the month of August visiting here in California!  And, much to my shock, I think she really enjoyed her visit!  She took hundreds of pictures and even shot some videos (some by accident). I flew to Pensacola at the beginning of the month to pick her up as she doesn’t… Continue reading