Nissan Leaf (blue)

Zero Emission Leaf

Nissan Leaf (blue)I’ve been really interested in the Nissan Leaf, an all electric car that uses no gasoline whatsoever.  I like the idea of owning a Leaf because:

  • The cars are made in the USA (Tennessee); so, buying American keeps jobs in the US
  • Electricity, the energy source for the car, is made in the USA, again, keeping jobs in the US as this can’t be outsourced
  • Generating electricity is both cheaper and cleaner than the whole oil acquisition/refinery/distribution/carbon footprint milieu
  • Reducing the amount of oil I use isn’t just good for the environment, it helps reduce the obscene wealth and political power of the middle eastern oil dynasties and those who collude with them
  • The car represents innovative technology that apparently has excellent acceleration and handling
  • The Leaf has most of the high end options I would expect in a luxury car

There are some disadvantages to owning a Leaf:

  • Limited driving range (100 miles best case scenario)
  • Charging stations are far less available than gas stations
  • Charging takes significantly longer than filling up a tank with gasoline (minimum 30 minutes to reach 80% on fast charge but typically over night, 7 hour, charging)

The Chevy Volt has an interesting solution to the limited 100 mile driving range of the Leaf.  Chevy‘s Volt uses an in-car gasoline generator to charge the battery, which only has a 35 mile driving range otherwise.  While I really like the enormous driving range of the Volt, one of the biggest reasons I feel compelled to go electric is to stop using as much oil as possible.  I utterly loathe the oil industry for so many reasons!

So, I’ve signed up to be notified when the Leaf test driving event in Santa Monica goes live and fully expect that a Leaf will be sitting in the garage shortly thereafter!