Please, Tell Me It’s Not So!

My favorite men’s fragrance for the past 94.3 years has been Boucheron for men.  I’ve worn it forever.  It’s the only cologne I wear.  I’ve even blogged about it as far back as July, 2004, about when this blog first began!  (It’s no. 84 in the list of 100 Things About Me.) In 2009, my favorite deodorant ceased production (I… Continue reading

Zero Emission Leaf

I’ve been really interested in the Nissan Leaf, an all electric car that uses no gasoline whatsoever.  I like the idea of owning a Leaf because: The cars are made in the USA (Tennessee); so, buying American keeps jobs in the US Electricity, the energy source for the car, is made in the USA, again, keeping jobs in the US… Continue reading