Calvetica Icon


Calvetica IconI’ve dabbled for some time now with an iPhone calendar app called Calvetica.  With the release of version 4, the app is now universal, is simply stunning on the iPad, and will now become my official mobile calendaring app.

One of my favorite features of Calvetica is not having to deal with those horrid slot machine-styled rollers that are part of the iOS UI.  I hate them!  I can type in a time of the day much faster than I can roll the slots for the hour and then roll the slots again for the minutes.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Get real Apple—bad UI design when the form gets in the way of the function.  Calvetica has a tidy little numeric keypad that appears on top of the alpha keypad for quick, effortless time entry—no bouncing between keyboard screen layouts (alpha layout and numeric/symbol layout).  Calvetica’s solution just makes so much horse sense!

Another feature I fell in love with:  touch and hold the “+” button at the top of the calendar and up pops a quick alarm feature.  You can give the alarm a name if you want or simply leave the name field blank for a generic reminder.  Touch the amount of time you would like before your alarm sounds.  Simple, clean and efficient.  I frequently need this feature and have been digging around in Apple’s Clock application, which doesn’t exist for the iPad.  Now, when I need to be reminded to go to the boarding gate for my next flight, I can set a quick alarm and become immersed in reading, surfing, or watching a video on my iPad.  I’ll be using that feature today, actually.

Calvetica has numerous other features as well; I’ve just mentioned two of my favorites.  Despite the fact that their new feature-rich UI has freaked out some users who grew accustomed to their older version, I highly recommend Calvetica, and I’m not quick to recommend an app!  It’s pure calendar awesomeness.

Check it out at the iTunes Store.