Monopoly Man

About That Budget Deficit…

Monopoly ManA little compare and contrast from @_Capitalism_:

“I am capitalism and the U.S. has 450 billionaires and 7 million homeless people, living side by side with equal dignity.”

Oh, but all of those homeless people are druggies, prostitutes and other forms of filth who are getting what is coming to them. Sorry, I forgot.  My bad.

And another point of perspective:

$716 billion: The additional amount of revenue the federal treasury would be collecting annually if “corporations and households taking in $1 million or more in income each year were now paying taxes at the same annual rates as they did back in 1961. In other words, if the federal government started taxing the wealthy and their corporations at the same rates in effect a half-century ago, the federal debt to investors would almost totally vanish over the next decade.”

Source:  shakesville

Notice that was collecting annually!  If we cut the sacred military budget, ended the wars, and eliminated the useless Transportation Security Administration, we could bring the budget under control in no time whatsoever!

And where are all of the jobs these wealthy people were supposed to create over the past 12 years with all of those tax breaks? I missed that “trickle down.”   …and the rich get richer…